Friday, February 21, 2020

Too Old?/Power of Story/China/Devo/Slow Cooker


1. Think you're too old to write? Think again. Jessica Ferguson shares her journey as a septugenarian, at Patti Shene's blog.

2.  Tim Suddeth posts at The Write Conversation about, "The Power of Story to Bridge Divisions." In this age of FB, Twitter, etc., it's become harder and harder to truly connect with people. I think you'll enjoy this post.

3. Christian Headlines reports on China's renewed persecution of Christians and the shutting down of churches.

4.  Julie Lavender posts at The Write Conversation on Vision For Writing in the New Year. While we're in the second month of 2020, I thought you'd enjoy her approach.

5. One cooking tool that's been around a long time is the slow cooker. Yummly answers questions about this appliance. Although simple to use, there are some things you shouldn't cook in it.

Writers:  Which writing link spoke to you? Please share your thoughts.

Readers: What's your favorite cooking tool? Why?

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Story Openings/Age/Oregon's Bias/Devo/Valentine Recipe

heart cookies 1

1. Jane Friedman gives advice on 5 Common Story Openings to Avoid. Knowing what not to do can save you a ton of editing/re-writing.

2.  Literary Agent, Rachelle Gardner posts on, "Does Age Matter For Writers?" Both young writers and older writers have asked this question. Her answer made a lot of sense and provided encouragement.

3.  WND reports on judges reviewing evidence of Oregon's bias toward Christian bakers.

4.  Kim DeHoog, at posts a devotional called, "Love Is A Verb."

5.  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Here are some cute Lollipop Cookie Valentines, from Allrecipes, to make for that special someone (spouse/kids/grandkids) in your life.

Writers:  What is the hardest part of writing that all-important first page?

Readers:  What makes you give up on a book? When does it happen - first page, first chapter, etc.?

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Friday, February 7, 2020

Journey/Story Time/Israeli Intel/Devo/Minestrone Soup


1.   We all need encouragement at times. Lori Hatcher compares the writer's journey to her walking regimen. Check it out at The Write Conversation.

2.   Kathryn Craft, at Writer Unboxed, shows how to manipulate story time for maximal effect. Since I write suspense, I found this article fascinating and insightful.

3.  I reserve this space for news items and current events that might interest my readers. I came across this WND article about how Israel's intelligence agency is helping foil terrorists worldwide. They've certainly had plenty of experience.

4.  Rhonda Rhea, at The Write Conversation, talks about unselfish love.

5.  Brr! There's nothing like soup for a cold winter day. I discovered this Instant Pot Minestrone soup at Together As a Family.

Writers and Readers:  What are your favorite features on the Friday posts? Please feel free to suggest other topics.

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Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year Break

Hi, Friends,

Usually I take a blog break in December, but kept full steam ahead in 2019. Alas, I've run out of steam and need to get some other things done.

Christian Writer/Reader Connection will be on blog break until Monday, February 3, 2020. Have a great January!

Happy New Year,
Susan J. Reinhardt
Member ACFW
Represented by Joyce Hart, Hartline Literary Agency
Author of The Moses Conspiracy, The Christmas Wish, The Scent of Fear, and
 Out of The Mist

Friday, January 3, 2020

Theme/One Word/Land Grab/Breathe/January Gardening


1.  Erika Liodice, at Writer Unboxed, decided to try something different than the tired New Year Resolution route. She enlisted the help of fellow writers to come up with a plan of action. Her approach makes sense and doesn't put undue stress on an already burdensome to-do list.

2.  Tammy Karasek, at The Write Conversation, talks about her one word for the New Year. One word can focus your efforts.

3.  WND reports that the State of Indiana grabbed land owned by the Pavlock family for many years and did so without compensation. They are fighting this situation now in the courts.

4.  The word "breathe" seems to be popping up as I write today's post. Michael K.  Reynolds wrote a post with that word. Do you take time to "breathe?"

5.  The winter months are often a frustrating time for avid gardeners. Our Stoney Acres posts about the seedlings you can start in January.

Writers:  Do you ask the Lord or choose a word for each New Year?  Please share.

Readers:  What did you think of the Writer Unboxed article? Do you think this is something useful in your own life?

Photo Credit:  Jesper Noher