Friday, May 8, 2020

Newbies/Emotional Context/COVID-19/Devo/Recipe


1.  OK, newbies, here are six things not to do when you're starting your book (or blog). Check out Cathy Fyock's article on The Write Conversation.

2.  Lisa Hall-Wilson asks, "What Is Emotional Context And Why Does Your Story Need it?

3.  Faithwire reports on Homeland Security's comments that summer heat and sun may kill COVID-19.

4.  Edie Melson, at The Write Conversation, talks about, "Walking Through The Storms of Life."

5.  With warm weather on the horizon, Averie Cooks gives us a no-bake recipe for chocolate peanut butter fudge bars. Just the name has my mouth watering!

Writers:  What are some of the things you learned NOT to do as a writer?

Readers:  We're going through some trying times with COVID-19. How are you handling the stress?

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Jean Fischer said...

I work from home all the time, so I don't feel as much stress from CoVid-19 as do many others. Because I work from home, I always enjoyed taking breaks from work to get out of the house. I miss writing in my favorite coffee shop, meeting friends for lunch, shopping for non-essentials—all the little everyday things that I took for granted.

quietspirit said...

On March 2, I fell and broke a bone in what had been my 'good' foot, also messed up that ankle, my left. I have been out of our home to go to the doctors but that stopped after March 13. Since then, I have been out from home TWO times. Our church will remain closed until at least June 14. Our prayer group, that usually meets at the church, has gone to conference calls on the phone. We used to meet in person one day a week and now we meet two days a week.
Our son ordered me something for Mother's Day. He thought it would be here on May 8th. It came today, May 12. But it still is a nice gift. A one-and-half pound of Russell Stover Chocolates. (It was worth the wait.)

Karen Lange said...

Susan, thanks for the links. Will have to check them out. Appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. Friends like you help alleviate stress in challenging times. :)