Friday, February 15, 2019

Families in Fiction/Marketing Poetry/Answered Prayer/Devo/Most Searched

Paper Family

1.  Kathleen McCleary posts at Writer Unboxed on the subject of "Navigating Families in Fiction. In real life, we all experience loss, have difficult relationships, etc. This is something every novelist can apply to their writing.

2.  Karen Whiting, at The Write Conversation, talks about marketing your poetry. She has some unique ideas.

3.  Testimonies of answered prayer encourage and spark our faith. I recently read about a young girl diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor on Faithwire. The prognosis was grim, but God...

4.  Jean Fischer shared her experience with hearing God's voice on her Compost Pile blog. This sweet story touched my heart. I hope it blesses you as well.

5.  Last Thanksgiving, I discovered pecan pie, and I've craved it since that day. I wasn't surprised when it came up as one of the most-searched recipes of 2018 on Google. Check out this post at Delish and see what other meals made the list.

Writers:  How do you explore the complex relationships of your characters?

Readers:  How does reading testimonies or novels impact your spiritual life? Please share.

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Monday, February 11, 2019

On My Kindle - The Blessing by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow

The Blessing by [Barnett-Gramckow, Kacy]

A job assignment forces May Somerville's father to relocate the family from New York City to untamed Colorado. All of their dreams are put on hold as they struggle to adjust to a new life near the gold mines.

Alexander Whittier travels throughout Europe with his parents, but he can't shake the memory of the beautiful May Somerville. Her father's reports no longer reach them, and news of their tragedies sends him hurrying to Colorado.

Will May's secret and the many hard times she's endured ruin their chances for a future together?

Kacy Barnett-Gramckow is a new-to-me author. While The Blessing started off on the slow side for me, it picked up speed. The fate of the tightly-knit family kept me engaged, while the steadfast determination of May propelled the story forward.

I'm giving The Blessing five stars for its great story and historical content. I'll be checking out this author's other books.

Disclaimer: Neither the publisher nor the author paid me for a favorable review. All opinions expressed are mine, and mine alone.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Adjectives/Literary Device/Yoga/Blessings/Home Safety


1.  Zoe M. McCarthy gives tips to improve story description when using adjectives. This skill-based post provides valuable information for both fiction and non-fiction writers.

2. Lori Hatcher posts at The Write Conversation on parallelism, a literary device. Don't let the term scare you. You've seen it multiple times. Now is your chance to define it and apply it to your own writing.

3.  Faithwire reports on a pastor's warning about a practice that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States among Christians - yoga.

4.  Henry McLaughlin posts at The Write Conversation about the blessings of being a writer. Readers, you might find this glimpse into the writer's life quite interesting.

5.  I came across a blogger called, "Plucky," who gave 3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe This Winter.

Writers:  Which writing link did you find most helpful? Please share.

Readers:  What are some of the steps you take to keep your home safe during the winter? I recently purchased new smoke/carbon dioxide alarms for my home. My smoke alarms were very old and required constant vigilance to make sure the batteries were working. I didn't have any carbon dioxide alarms.

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Incorrect Phrases/Powerful Antagonist/Victory/Devotional/Valentine's Day

time is going

1.  Zoe M. McCarthy talks about Incorrect Construction of Common Phrases. This was a fun read. I discovered a few that I've been using wrong.

2.  Having a powerful antagonist in your story is key to challenging your main characters no matter what the genre. Lisa Hall-Wilson gives 9 Tips For a Powerful Antagonist.

3.  Breaking Christian News reports on a victory for several Christian Ministries after a 4-Year Legal Battle regarding abortion.

4.  I've gotten into the habit of going to bed too late. Then I have trouble getting up at 5:00 AM and hit the snooze button: once, twice, ugh - three times. When I saw this article, "Escaping the Power of the Snooze Button," I had to read it. Yeah, it hit me right where I live.

5.  Valentine's Day is around the corner. I saw these cookies on FB and had to share them. Here's the tutorial.

Writers: Which common phrase tripped you up?

Readers:  When reading a book, how important is a strong antagonist to you? Please share.

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