Friday, February 15, 2019

Families in Fiction/Marketing Poetry/Answered Prayer/Devo/Most Searched

Paper Family

1.  Kathleen McCleary posts at Writer Unboxed on the subject of "Navigating Families in Fiction. In real life, we all experience loss, have difficult relationships, etc. This is something every novelist can apply to their writing.

2.  Karen Whiting, at The Write Conversation, talks about marketing your poetry. She has some unique ideas.

3.  Testimonies of answered prayer encourage and spark our faith. I recently read about a young girl diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous brain tumor on Faithwire. The prognosis was grim, but God...

4.  Jean Fischer shared her experience with hearing God's voice on her Compost Pile blog. This sweet story touched my heart. I hope it blesses you as well.

5.  Last Thanksgiving, I discovered pecan pie, and I've craved it since that day. I wasn't surprised when it came up as one of the most-searched recipes of 2018 on Google. Check out this post at Delish and see what other meals made the list.

Writers:  How do you explore the complex relationships of your characters?

Readers:  How does reading testimonies or novels impact your spiritual life? Please share.

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quietspirit said...

Susan: I love hearing testimonies of God taking over and healing people. Four years ago, a young girl in our church was diagnosed with a different type of brain cancer. Her mother and her family did all they could to take care of her. The church even sponsored a fundraising event for her. She was diagnosed in February, in November, Jesus came and took her home. Her mother still grieves for her. The girl was 12 when she left us.

Jean Fischer said...

Thank you for the share, Susan. I continue to receive notes from readers who have their own "yellow butterflies" stories. God is so good!