Monday, September 14, 2020

Interview with Jeanette Levellie and Beth Gormong


Meet Jeanette Levellie and Beth Gormong, co-authors of Yes, You Can! Overcome Crises with God's Help, hot off the press this month from Elk Lake Publishing

As you might guess from her red hair, adjectives like spunky and lively tend to pop up in descriptions of Jeanette. She's a pastor's wife, a prolific writer, and a popular speaker. This is her sixth published book. She's also a writer for Guideposts publications and has authored hundreds of stories, articles, greeting card verses, and calendar poems. Her hobbies include gardening, cats, and eating out. You can find her Splashes of Hope and Humor at

Beth Gormong is a writer, blogger, ad fiber artist. When she's not writing, knitting a sock, or planning in her Bullet Journal, you can find her in the garden or training her beagle puppy, Max. She lives in a one-hundred-year old farmhouse in the country with her husband, Jeff, and two spoiled cats. Her three grown daughters all inherited Beth's creative spirit. She recently became a writer for Guideposts too! Find her at or

Susan: Hi, Jen & Beth. To start off with, tell us why, in general, you write the thins you write?

Jen:   Hi, Susan! Thanks for having us today. The goals of our writing are to offer hope for broken souls and to encourage women. I also like to toss in some humor in all my writings.

Beth:  Yes, thanks for having us, Susan. In addition to what Jen said, I want to help women of all ages develop a more intimate relationship with God.

Susan: Jen, you certainly did all those things with your previous inspirational books:

Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top

The Heart of Humor: Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul

Touchable God: Finding the Lord’s Friendship Through Prayer

Hello, Beautiful! Finally Love Yourself Just as You Are (Jen and Beth’s first collaboration)

Susan: Why did you decide to write Yes, You Can?

Beth: We saw that women, even Christian women, struggled with impossible situations that appeared hopeless. We wanted to offer them an encouraging resource to help them realize that God will see them through even the hardest trials.

Susan: How did you accomplish that?

Jen: By writing a 40-day interactive devotional. Yes, You Can! includes Bible verses to help you feel confident, along with true accounts of modern and Biblical women who overcame impossible circumstances through God's power and love. At the end of each chapter is either a journaling prompt or a coloring page.

Susan: So the reader applies the ideas to her own life by participating in an activity. A lot more powerful than passively reading a sermonette!

Beth: That’s the idea. The more our senses are involved with what we read, the more likely we are to retain it. This leads to positive changes in our lives—something we all need.

Susan: Readers, please jump in with questions or comments for Jen and Beth, in the reply box.

God bless! Susan

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Friday, September 11, 2020

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

The year 2020 made this a rather tongue-in-cheek statement. Yet, even with the bizarre situation going on with COVID-19, it's been a great summer for me and Sweetie Mom.

My job (not first responder) was considered essential, so I worked through the lockdown months. We all breathed a sigh of relief as restrictions lightened. Surprise, surprise, on June 30, I was informed my position was eliminated.

Talk about bad timing. Here I was in the midst of purchasing a home where both Sweetie Mom and I could live (no stairs!), and my job went, "Poof!" A trip to see my pastor's wife/realtor immediately after the job loss proved a wise decision. Bottom line, I was still able to proceed with the purchase. God took everything the enemy of our souls meant for evil and turned it around for my good.

Rather than write a small book, here are some of the highlights:

1. My old house sold in one week!

2. Friends rallied around me, helping with the packing and the big move. All my boxes were unpacked in record time.

3. My furniture fit in the new house even though I downsized.

4. Two settlements in one day challenged all involved, but everything worked out.

5. We're now preparing to move Sweetie Mom into the new house. Again, the Lord has provided the help and grace we've needed to go forward.

To God by the glory! Great things He has done.

In the joy of the Lord,