Friday, July 29, 2016

Blogging Break (Pun Intended)

As most of you know, I broke my right wrist on June 25th. I'm grateful for answered prayer - I didn't need surgery.

With two weeks left in the royal purple cast and an unknown amount of physical therapy, I've decided to take a blogging break until Monday, September 12th. Hopefully, this will give me enough time to recover the strength in my hand/arm.

Prayer Requests:  1) Fully healed bone on last doctor visit. 2) Strength and no pain in wrist. 3) A smooth re-entry into my job, which requires heavy writing and computer use.

Thanks! See you in September. :)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Faces/Edit/Inspire/Distraction/Write Faster

1.  Bryn Donovan gives a list of facial expressions writers can use. I'm bookmarking this one.

2.  Diana Urban gives a list of words you should cut from your writing immediately.

3. This is a truly inspirational story of a deaf young man.

4.  Lynn Simpson talks about how she tried to fight distraction with more distraction. It didn't work. Check out her thoughtful post.

5. Bloggers - want to write content faster? Check out Zoe McCarthy's post.

Writer's: What are some of your favorite words to cut from your writing? One of mine is, "that."

Readers: I'm reading a book where the author uses some unique terminology to describe setting, emotions, etc. They make me smile, but sometimes distract me from the story. Do these type of devices add to your reading pleasure or annoy you? Please share.

P.S. Sorry there's no graphic. I had this post almost done when I broke my wrist a few weeks ago. It's a challenge typing much less searching for graphics.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Picture Books/Characters/Acquitted/Close to Home/Book Decor

1.  People think writing for kids is easy. Once you read 6 Essentials in Writing Picture Books, you'll have a different perspective. Joanne Sher guest posts at Zoe M. McCarthy's blog.

2.  Kathleen McCleary, at Writer Unboxed, talks about developing characters organically. She attended her 35th college reunion and asked questions. They always brought responses that were the beginnings of a story - loss, success, etc. Some of her methods appeal to my Seat-of-the-Pants writing style. Check it out.

3. reports that David Daleiden was acquitted of trying to sell baby body parts. The investigative reporter, whose videos sparked an outcry against Planned Parenthood, became the target of their supporters. Get the details here.

4.  Author, Blogger, and Facebook friend, Wendy Paine Miller, reflects on tragedy no longer seeming far away.

5.  When I came across the blog, Thrifty Style at 67, I parked there for quite a long time. This post on book decor begged entrance to a Friday Potpourri post. Enjoy!

Writers:  How do you create your characters? Do you do character charts or allow them to reveal their lives to you naturally? Please share.

Readers: What did you think of the book decor blog post? Do you use books as part of your decor? Please share.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Non-Disclosure/Public Speaking/China/Writing Output/Planters

1.  Susan Spann, at Writers In The Storm, gives important advice on non-disclosure clauses in publishing contracts. She urges writers to consult an attorney if they see one in their contract. This is a must read for authors.

2.  Whether you're a non-fiction or fiction writer, marketing is part of the package. Zoe M. McCarthy gives tips on building confidence for public speaking.

3.  Many Christians experience persecution throughout the world. China Christians were forbidden to hold a prayer meeting recently. Please check out the post on how China is cracking down on believers.

4.  Jody Hedlund gives 3 Tips to Help Increase Writing Output. I'm going to try #3. :)

5.  Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, shares her experience with the hazards of using breakable containers outdoors.

Writers:  Do you have speaking engagements? How do you handle the jitters?

Readers:  Do you garden? What types of unusual planters have you used outdoors?

Photo Credit:  Brad Harrison

Friday, July 1, 2016

Controversy/Inner Dialogue/Genocide/Legal/Freelance

1.  There's a lot of controversy in the Christian publishing community over how far writers can push the boundaries when it comes to profanity, sexual content, and violence. Bruce Brady, at The Write Conversation, tackles this subject head-on.

2.  Zoe M. McCarthy talks about writing inner dialogue that speaks to the reader. As always, her posts are mini-workshops.

3.  Christian Headlines reports that few Christian Syrians are obtaining refugee status despite the declaration that ISIS is committing genocide.

4.  Jennifer, at Pen and Prosper, points out 3 legal issues that can enhance your blogging.

5.  Jean Fischer always writes informative posts. Here she does a Q&A on 11 Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Freelance Writer.

Writers:  What's your opinion on pushing the boundaries in Christian Fiction?

Readers:  Do you read only Christian Fiction? How do you feel about authors wanting to add more realism to their stories?

Photo Credit:  Simon Gurney