Friday, July 8, 2016

Non-Disclosure/Public Speaking/China/Writing Output/Planters

1.  Susan Spann, at Writers In The Storm, gives important advice on non-disclosure clauses in publishing contracts. She urges writers to consult an attorney if they see one in their contract. This is a must read for authors.

2.  Whether you're a non-fiction or fiction writer, marketing is part of the package. Zoe M. McCarthy gives tips on building confidence for public speaking.

3.  Many Christians experience persecution throughout the world. China Christians were forbidden to hold a prayer meeting recently. Please check out the post on how China is cracking down on believers.

4.  Jody Hedlund gives 3 Tips to Help Increase Writing Output. I'm going to try #3. :)

5.  Susan, at Writing Straight From the Heart, shares her experience with the hazards of using breakable containers outdoors.

Writers:  Do you have speaking engagements? How do you handle the jitters?

Readers:  Do you garden? What types of unusual planters have you used outdoors?

Photo Credit:  Brad Harrison

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Karen Lange said...

Thanks Susan! Will have to check these out. The last official speaking engagement I had was about a year ago, and yes, I was very nervous. My level of nerves often depends on the crowd.