Friday, July 22, 2016

Faces/Edit/Inspire/Distraction/Write Faster

1.  Bryn Donovan gives a list of facial expressions writers can use. I'm bookmarking this one.

2.  Diana Urban gives a list of words you should cut from your writing immediately.

3. This is a truly inspirational story of a deaf young man.

4.  Lynn Simpson talks about how she tried to fight distraction with more distraction. It didn't work. Check out her thoughtful post.

5. Bloggers - want to write content faster? Check out Zoe McCarthy's post.

Writer's: What are some of your favorite words to cut from your writing? One of mine is, "that."

Readers: I'm reading a book where the author uses some unique terminology to describe setting, emotions, etc. They make me smile, but sometimes distract me from the story. Do these type of devices add to your reading pleasure or annoy you? Please share.

P.S. Sorry there's no graphic. I had this post almost done when I broke my wrist a few weeks ago. It's a challenge typing much less searching for graphics.

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Karen Lange said...

Thanks for the links, Susan! Only a few more weeks to go. Hang in there! :)