Friday, May 29, 2020

20 Tips/Editors/Ditch Restrictions/Encouragement/Bad Houseplant


1. For those of you who write non-fiction, Julie Lavender posts at The Write Conversation about 20 Newspaper Writing Tips for 2020.

2.  Jane Friedman gives a comprehensive guide to finding and working with an editor. I hired after checking her out as best I could. We agreed to do a test run to see if we were a good match. I'm happy to say her help was invaluable. While the book has not yet been placed with a publisher, I'm confident that it's in great shape. (In case you're wondering who I hired - Deirdre Lockhart, of Brilliant Cut Editing.)

3.  WND reports on an important lesson learned during this pandemic. It's time to ditch restrictions on health care providers. I never knew about this problem until recently. It's quite an eye-opener.

4.  Nikki Koziarz posts at Encouragement for Today about fighting fear. Considering the prevalence of this in recent months, it's a timely subject.

5.  Over the years, I've grown a variety of houseplants. One of them was the Majesty Palm. It's stunning foliage attracted my attention, but I had no idea how finicky it was about light, temperature and watering requirements. Plant Care Today talks about this palm and gives tips on care. They warn anyone buying one that they're in for a challenge.

Writers:  Do you write non-fiction or fiction? What kind of craft articles would you like to see on here?

Readers:  Which articles I link to are your favorites? Current events, encouragment/devotional or fun stuff?

Photo Credit: Kay Pat

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