Friday, March 27, 2020

Protecting Accounts/Writing Tips/Prophecy Fulfilled/Body of Christ/Recipe

Dead Sea

1.  Barbara Latta posts at The Write Conversation about protecting digital accounts after death. Hackers have become savvy at cloning accounts and obtaining sensitive information. This is a must read for anyone on social media and/or online shopping/banking.

2.  Zoe M. McCarthy gives 39 Writing Tips to take seriously.

3.  WND reports on an explosion of flora near the Dead Sea as a fulfillment of prophecy.

4.  One of my FB friends linked to this article on Church is not about an organization. It's about the Body of Christ, worshipping together, learning God's Word, and preparing to minister to those who don't know Jesus.

5.  Erin, at Meaningful Eats, posted a recipe for a Vegetable Fittata that sounds amazing. It's both gluten and nut free.

Writers:  Which of the writing tips resonated with you?

Readers:  Which of these links helped you in some way?

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Barbara Latta said...

I was doing a search for an article I wrote on another site and discovered your post. Thanks for the mention about the article on The Write Conversation. Blessings!