Friday, March 6, 2020

Early Attempts/Characters/Abortion/Devo/Instapot

keep it clean

1. Have you ever looked at earlier attempts at writing and decided to throw them in the trash or use them to start a cozy fire? Peggy Sue Wells posts at The Write Conversation and urges us to never throw away our writing.

2.  Lori Hatcher posts at The Write Conversation about, "Five Characters You Don't Want in Your Story."

3.  WND reports on the link between abortion and Satanism.  

4.  Lynn J. Simpson shares her thoughts on making God your all in all.

5.  Did you get an Instapot or other pressure cooker for Christmas? (I know that was a few months ago, but I think this post will help you. Mine sat in the box for months because I was intimidated.) One Good Thing By Jillee gives instructions complete with pictures.

Writers:  Have you kept your early writing attempts? Please share your thoughts.

Readers:  The writing links are not only for writers, but also for readers. What kind of tidbits have you picked up that you found interesting?

Photo Credit:  sanja gjenero

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