Monday, November 21, 2016

The Women of the Mayflower

While researching Thanksgiving for this post, my interest was piqued by a note on Wikipedia that four women were present, Eleanor Billington, Elizabeth Hopkins, Mary Brewster, and Susanna White.

What were these women and the others who came over on the Mayflower like? I decided to focus my exploration on learning more about them. I found an excellent website by Caleb Johnson.

Some fascinating facts:

1.  18 women came over on the Mayflower, three of them in their third trimester of pregnancy.

2.  All of them were married.

3.  Of the 18 onboard, only the four named above survived through the first Thanksgiving celebration.

4.  Susanna White came over with her husband, John, and son, Resolved. She was pregnant and gave birth to a son, Peregrine, while the Mayflower was anchored outside of Cape Cod. John died that winter, and she remarried Edward Winslow, a fellow passenger whose wife also died. They were the first couple married at Plymouth.

5.  Mary Brewster was born about 1569 because she stated she was 40 years old in an affidavit filed in Leiden, Holland on 25 June 1609. She and her husband, William, had six children, one of which died right after birth. She lived to about age 60. Her husband lived another 17 years before he passed on.

I hope this tiny sample will encourage you to visit this website. Whether you're interested in history or a homeschooling parent, it's a great resource.

May you not only enjoy food and fellowship this Thanksgiving, but also give thanks to God for His many blessings in your life.


Writers and Readers:  What are you thankful for this year?

Photo Credit:  Nat Arnett


Linda O'Connell said...

That was very interesting, Susan. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting info, Susan. Will have to check out the site. I'm thankful for many things. God's blessed my family in so many ways. I'm also thankful for you, a sweet and treasured friend. Happy Thanksgiving! :)