Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Steps, Life Lessons

Someone posted a review on a friend's book and made a snide comment about how he probably prays to find his keys. It was meant to be a put down, but he has no clue how practical and how concerned God is when it comes to His kids.

Faith put into action on the small things prepares us for when big situations come our way - and they do show up. It's like working a muscle. When I was in Occupational Therapy, they started easy exercises and progressed to harder ones as I regained function in my wrist and hand.

As a writer, the same principle holds true. I learned to celebrate and be thankful for each victory no matter how insignificant it might seem to others. Some examples:

1.  An acceptance by an online publication.
2.  Recognizing a mistake with point of view without someone telling me.
3.  Having an "ah ha moment" while mastering a difficult scene.
4.  Praying for the next step in a story and waking up with the answer.
5.  Having an agent at a writers conference tell me that I write well (even though what I was writing wasn't something she wanted).

These are only a few of the encouragements that kept me on the path to publication. While I'm now multi-published, each day brings new and bigger challenges. Yet, I can move forward in faith because a foundation of trust in God upholds me.

Writers:  What are some of the small steps you've celebrated in your journey to publication?

Readers:  What are you grateful for as we enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Photo Credit:  Brian Zerangue

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Karen Lange said...

I agree; God is with us every step of the way. Am so grateful He orders my steps.