Friday, November 25, 2016


1.  Molly Jo Realy guest posts at The Write Conversation. Do photo social media sites like Instagram help a writer? She explores that question and gives suggestions on how to take advantage of their popularity.

2.  Here's Part II of Donna L.H. Smith's series on Creating Suspense. She defines the terms "mystery" and "suspense."

3.  Christian Headlines reports on Tim Tebow praying for a man having a seizure. This athlete knows what's important and isn't afraid to act out his faith in public. We need more Tim Tebows in sports.

4.  Dr. MaryAnn Diorio talks about How to Drive Out the Darkness.

5.  Did you enjoy Thanksgiving? If your refrigerators are bulging like turkey just out of the oven, here is a recipe you might want to try. (Aren't we blessed with such bounty?)

Writers:  Have you experimented with photo social media sites? Please share.

Readers:  What do you make with your leftovers? We always enjoyed a second (and third) turkey dinner, as well as snacking on cold leftovers.

Photo Credit:  Adriaan de man

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