Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't Stay Home!

Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States. This season, it's made the wild, wild West look tame.

As we've watched debates, read social media posts, and gagged at the revelations, I kept thinking how close we are to living the scenario in my first book, The Moses Conspiracy. When I started writing it way back in 2005, I never meant for it to be prophetic. Some of my readers are telling me the book was ahead of its time. Am I happy about it? I want to weep because I deeply love my country.

I pray the American people will rise up and say, "Enough." It's time to straighten this mess out and get back on track with the help of God. I believe He will restore if His people stand for righteousness.

Please don't let personalities keep you home. Vote the issues. We owe it to future generations.

Writers and Readers: This is not an invitation to debate. If you want to comment, please keep it civil.

Photo Credit:  Patwise


Karen Lange said...

If anyone hasn't already been doing so, it certainly is a good time to pray. :)

quietspirit said...

Susan: I have to admit it. I toyed with the idea of staying home tomorrow. I even thought of going to the polls and voting on the rest of the races, leaving the top one blank. After last night's onslaught of political ads, I have chosen to not watch television today or tomorrow. That way I don't have to watch the mud-slinging.