Friday, June 17, 2016

Overstating/Visual/China/Aging/Christian Fiction

1.  Karen Lange, at Write Now, did a helpful article on, "Are You Guilty of Overstating?" It's tempting to pepper our readers with exclamation points, all caps, and extreme pronouncements.

2.  Margie Lawson guest posts at Writers in the Storm. Sometimes we think we're showing, but we're really telling. Margie asks, "What's the visual?" Wow! This is a workshop in a blog post

3.  China has oppressed Christians for many years. Here's their latest action, giving rise to speculation more stringent regulation is on the horizon. See this report by the NY Times. At the rate we're going in the U.S., we could be facing some of this ourselves.

4.  Dena Netherton, at My Father's World, My Father's Words, writes about the words, "At Your Age..."

5.  Publisher's Weekly has an interesting article on the Business of Christian Fiction. There's a quote from Gilead Publishing that surprised me both as an author and reader.

Writers:  Were you surprised by the number of Christian Fiction titles put out annually? What are your thoughts?

Readers:  Do you relate to Dena Netherton's observations on how younger people treat older people? (You don't have to be older to comment on this. It would be interesting to have younger people's reactions to her post.)

Photo Credit: Colin de kroon


quietspirit said...

As always, you do a great job keeping us informed of what goes on in writing, in Christian circles, and in things that we face as women. Thank you.

Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

That is a great article about Christian fiction publishing Susan, I am glad the market is thriving and readers are searching for challenging stories :) Good to know.

Karen Lange said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Susan! Appreciate the other links as well. :)