Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On My Kindle - Always With You by Elaine Stock

Isabelle Gilbert's frustration with her father and grandmother's secretive ways makes her ripe for trouble. All she wants is a normal home and family life.

Tyler Saunders lives with his three siblings among a communal religious group. He's totally into their beliefs until he meets and falls in love with a special Outsider. Will she consent to marry him and become a devoted Faithful wife?

Elaine Stock did a great job with these characters. Each one came to the relationship with expectations that were soon shattered. Their growth and journey to spiritual freedom happened organically and in a believable fashion.

The strong ending wowed me. I didn't expect it to take that particular twist.

Five stars for an excellent story. I could see this as a movie.

Disclaimer:  I can't recall how I got this book since it's been sitting on my Kindle for a while. However, I haven't received any payment from the author or publisher. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Writers:  How do you develop your characters? Do you use character charts or other devices to map out their progress or do you let it happen as the story progresses?

Readers:  No spoilers here - what book had the best ending you've ever read?

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