Friday, March 24, 2017


1.  I never realized when I began this writing journey how daunting it could be.  If you're feeling discouraged, take heart. Your writing matters. A post at The Write Conversation will give you a lift.

2.  Not everyone who reads Christian Writer/Reader Connection is a writer. Yet, journaling can be a powerful tool toward becoming more positive. Although this article isn't on a Christian site, you can find these principles in scripture. David praised God during his most difficult times. Check out Positive Writer's take on journaling.

3.  WND reports on the many reasons for a hiatus in refugee settlement. Americans have big hearts, but they're also protective of their families. One of the positive aspects of the hold on refugees are the exceptions. Christians and other religious minorities will be allowed to come here. Less than one percent of refugees from these nations were Christians. Yet, they face certain death at the hands of ISIS. Check out this informative article.

4.  Fear can paralyze a person and is a common problem. I found this devotional on Like the author of this piece, I discovered the importance of dealing with my thoughts and facing my fears.

5.  Spring is around the corner, and my thoughts are gravitating to flowers, bright skies, and shedding the heavy clothing of winter. I looked up Spring recipes and found this basil, chicken and tomatoes dish.

Writers:  What kind of expectations did you have when you started writing? Has reality measured up to your expectations? Please share.

Readers:  Doesn't that recipe sound yummy? Do you have a favorite Spring/Summer recipe link to share with us?

Photo Credit:  Crystal Leigh Shearin

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