Monday, March 13, 2017

Identifying the Problem - Part II

If I don't know the question, how can I find the answer? Looking for a solution before identifying the problem is a waste of time and energy.

All researchers start off by asking a questions like, "How does this disease start, and under what conditions does it flourish?" In similar fashion I needed to review my writing journey and find that spot where things went terribly wrong.

What I discovered was not a huge event, but rather a series of small decisions/actions that made me veer off course. I'm reminded of the scripture that talks about the little foxes spoiling the vine. By this time, many of them were buried, and only the Lord could bring them to the surface.

Here are some of the missteps that eventually brought me to the place where I questioned my call to write:

1.  While there's wisdom in many counselors, I listened to anyone and everyone rather than seeking those who were qualified. This led to conflicting advice and confusion.

2.  Advice about writing, the publishing industry, and marketing wasn't always filtered through prayer and the Word of God. I relied too heavily on people.

3.  Instead of operating from my relationship with the Lord, I began to depend on my own strength, abilities, and plans. This caused stress, striving, and worry.

Okay, now that I knew the problems, what were the solutions?

Writers and Readers: When you're stuck, do you ever ask God, "What thought process/decision brought me to this place?" Has He brought light to your situation? If you can, please share.

Photo Credit:  Arte_ram


Karen Lange said...

I do ask God that or similar questions sometimes. It reminds me of something our friend MaryAnn Diorio encourages us to to, to consider what we're thinking about. And yes, He always brings light to the situation. So grateful for that. Have a great week!

quietspirit said...

I understand the answers you have come up with. I really don't know whom I can trust with helping me get ahead. I heard someone really excited about a "name" person willing to help her with her manuscript. Right away, I heard someone else tell that woman that he was not as reputable as the first one thought. This was at a writer's conference.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - Excellent point. When I'm down, I also try to pinpoint what started the downward spiral. It's usually something minor, and I can deal with it through prayer and the Word of God.

Hi Quiet Spirit - While I put myself in places where writers/agents hang out (like conferences and the Internet), trying to make something happen never worked. When I prayed and asked God to direct my steps, He opened the doors.