Friday, June 12, 2015

Growth/Thrift/Freedom/Slow Cooker

1.  Zoe McCarthy shows how characters must have growth moments as a story progresses. It's good to see examples that help identify whether or not you're hitting the target in this area.

2.  Lori Hatcher guest posts at The Write Conversation. Writing and blogging can become pricey. She gives 3 ways to save on expenses, as well as time.

3.  WND reports that a group is pressing for the court martial of a two-star Air Force general for thanking God at a National Day of Prayer Task Force event.

4.  Do you doubt that America was founded on Christian principles? Here's an article on the first Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Jay. His quotes are eye-openers.

5.  Recipe time! I came across this recipe for a French Toast Casserole that can be made in a slow cooker.

Writers:  Do you plan for character growth in your novels? Since I'm a SOTP writer, I have to think about the main character's personality at the start and gradually bring them to a place of greater maturity.

Readers:  Do you enjoy using a slow cooker? Please share.  I've used mine to make pot roasts, beef stew, and even sauce with meatballs. Handy tip:  Reynold's puts out a slow cooker liner that saves time and lots of scrubbing.

Photo Credit: nkzs

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