Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Ways A Writer is Like a Marathon Runner

Every year, someone I know runs in the Boston Marathon. Their goals: Finish the race and do it in the best possible time. It takes an enormous amount of conditioning throughout the year. They know their body will not be ready for this grueling race if they don't practice.

The race to publication requires the same type of determination and endurance:

1.  Just like a runner, the writer must learn good techniques.

2.  They must research the publishing industry the way a runner examines the kind of terrain he/she will face on the day of the race.

3.  Time must be set aside to practice for the marathon. The writer must prioritize their life, so they can meet their deadlines.

4.  While a runner's marathon may last a day, the writer's marathon can go on for years. The writer needs a steady diet of encouragement, continuing education, and in my case, prayer.

5.  Writing a novel in a set period of time will often mean putting hobbies and other activities on hold.

I'm coming down the home stretch of a novel-writing project right now. My goal: Finish by the time of my annual trip to a writers conference in July. I've build in some grace for those times when life happens, but I'm tracking well ahead of schedule.

Writers:  What kind of writing marathon are you on? What are some of the ways you stay on track?

Readers:  What projects are you working on - home renovation, craft projects, schooling, etc.? How do you stay motivated to reach the finish line?

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Karen Lange said...

This is a great analogy, Susan. It is a journey that requires effort and endurance. Congrats on your progress!

Jean Fischer said...

Great post, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see how a writer's life needs to be disciplined like a marathoner! I think by having a target, like a writer's conference to attend, can help achieve goals. I just recently joined a Writer's Group and we have goals to achieve each month which helps keep me stay accountable.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - Thanks! I never dreamed how long it would take to get my books published.

Hi Jean - Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Lynn - I'm sure the Writer's Group will be a big help to you. My critique partners keep me in line. :)