Monday, October 2, 2017

The Writer's Handbag

I tried. Really. Downsizing a purse is akin to squeezing my feet into size five shoes. Perhaps you'll have a bit of sympathy after you hear my story.

Once upon a time, yours truly threw out her back - that nasty sciatic nerve thingy. My chiropractor lifted my handbag and glared at me. "This is part of your problem." While my back cried for relief, my mind screamed, "Nooooo, not my purse!"

Many of my friends carry something the size of a credit card, but not me. Where would I put my driving glasses, reading glasses, the extra pairs of said glasses, my wallet (which qualifies as a mini purse by itself), my car and house keys, the extra set of each, assorted aspirin, cough drops, hard candy (for that dry throat), tissues, my smartphone, my digital camera (yes, I still use one), my Kindle, my notebook for church, and an assortment of odds and ends that would fill this page. Whew! Let me catch my breath.

Around Christmas, Sweetie Mom and I trekked through the mall, using her walker to carry our heavy purses. This worked great until I needed to go shopping for her Christmas gifts. Without the walker, that 15-pound monster threatened to double me over.

A brilliant idea struck me at that moment (did you hear the angels singing?). Carry a lighter version and put the remainder of the items in another bag. The tote could stay in the trunk when the contents weren't required, and the essentials could stay with me.

What I didn't count on was the tote bag acting like a bigger closet or an extra room in a house. More space? Fill it up. An umbrella, a sweater, a paperback book, a water bottle, an extra pair of get the picture.

The recent addition of a tablet (the computer kind) now rests in the tote bag. If one of my characters gets chatty, I can whip it out and jot some notes.

I'm now lugging around a purse AND a tote bag (because I need everything in it). What's a girl to do?

Writing Gals:  Do you carry around more writing gadgets, etc. since you started on this journey?

Reader Gals:  Do you carry books with you? How do you keep your purse from becoming your home away from home? I need serious help here.

Hat tip to my blogger buddy, Rhonda Schrock, who adds a whole other dimension to this issue with a husband an four sons. Check out her post.

Photo Credit:  Brano Hudak


Karen Lange said...

I hear you! I prefer a larger purse so that I can stash a water bottle, book, my tablet, and any little extras on the go. I've been criticized for my large purse, but those naysayers don't complain when I supply the tissues, bandaids, hand lotion, or granola bars they need. :) I recently purchased a new one, it has a cross body strap and it's much more comfortable to carry. Speaking of Rhonda, she's visiting my blog this week. Fun post, Susan!

quietspirit said...

I saw this post earlier. I chose not to go there. Today, I bought a new purse on a markdown shelf at a gift shop downtown. I saw all sorts of products the manufacturer had as pursers. One I looked at reminded me of a lunch bag I have in my kitchen cupboard. I find myself throwing things in my purse as a convenience. I have always carried a larger purse. When I went to a court hearing in a nearby county, I had to allow county personnel to search through my purse for contraband. It was interesting to watch them as they rearranged my filing system. In addition to a purse, I have started carrying a tote bag, especially since I have a cane in one hand. I put my books in the tote bag and away I go.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Karen - I hear you! It boggles my mind when I see women with credit card sized purses - if you can call them purses.

Hi Quiet Spirit - Loved your story! Sometimes I wonder if the long lines at these checkpoints are caused by the big purses we carry.