Monday, October 30, 2017

On My Kindle - Hidden by Vannetta Chapman

Dana Jacobs buries herself in her work with Homeland Security. She's learned the hard way not to get close to the people around her. When Ben Marshall joins the team, her carefully constructed defenses begin to crumble.

Ben Marshall knows how to survive thanks to battlefield experience. All his skills are put to good use as a killer stalks the person he's grown to love.

I've seen Vannetta Chapman around the web, but had never read any of her books. I can't believe what I missed. Her characters, her settings, her storylines are amazing. They kept me hungering for more, plus I had to remind myself the characters would be victorious. The author got them into some serious jams.

Five stars - I already grabbed the second book in this series.

Writers: Do you ever get your characters into so much trouble that you wonder how you'll rescue them? Please share.

Readers: Do you like nail-biters or do you prefer more sedate stories? Why?


Jeanette Levellie said...

Oh, what fun to find a new author you love! I'm reading a regency romance series by Carolyn Miller that I love--the Regency Brides Legacy of Grace series.

Although I'm not fond of nail-biters--too much like real life!--I love a great mystery story. But my #1 preference is a romance story with a surprise ending.

Thanks for the excellent review, Susan! Have a great week!

Karen Lange said...

I've not read any of this author's books. Five stars from you - that is impressive! May have to check this out. Thanks for sharing, Susan. :)