Friday, August 7, 2015

Publishing/Twitter/Spies/Help/Writing Slumps

1.  Jim Hart, of Hartline Literary Agency, gives an encouraging word for uncertain times in the Christian publishing industry.

2.  Whether you're an author or in some other business, here's a great article by Annie, at Writer Unboxed, on the line between self-promotion and spam on Twitter.

3.  WND reports on the creepy world of spy devices in your home. Sweetie Mom recently needed a TV, and we made sure the one we bought wasn't a "Smart" version.

4.  Author Jody Hedlund talks about the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant. No, you don't have to be independently wealthy to hire one. Check out her article.

5.  Jean Fischer, at Something to Write Home About, gives five ways to break out of a writer's slump. I think this could work for any creative endeavor.

Writers:  What are some ways you break out of a writing slump?

Readers:  Do you hang out on Twitter? What are some of your pet peeves?

Photo Credit:  svilen001


quietspirit said...

Susan: A change of scene. I believe I will begin to frequent a coffee/tea shop near our University for a change of atmosphere and a change of pace. This is one way I can 'be good to myself.'(#5 on Jean's list)

Karen Lange said...

Great links, Susan! Thanks so much for sharing. :) Happy weekend!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Quiet Spirit -

It's great that you can write in a public place. Unlike many writers, I'm a people person and would find myself chatting away rather than writing. :)

Hi Karen - You're welcome!