Monday, April 20, 2015

Make "Someday" Today!

Once people discover I'm a published author, they'll often make statements like, "I'm going to write a book someday." I've learned a thing or two over the years:

1.  It takes a quality decision to write a book. I can talk about it for a decade, but unless I take steps to make that dream a reality, it will never happen.

2.  We've all heard it:  Writers write. We can hang out at writing blogs, hobnob with authors, go to conferences, but that won't make us a writer. It takes sitting down, opening a document, and working on a project.

3.  If we wait until we have time, we'll never write. We must MAKE TIME to write. This may mean giving up or curtailing a favorite hobby. When writing became a priority for me, I had to limit the time I spent crocheting and doing crafts.

When I first started, I was working with my husband in a small business. We talked and decided that part of Wednesday would be my writing time. No matter how much time we set aside, consistency is critical. That time was blocked off on my calendar, and my husband held me accountable.

Getting into a habit takes time: Make "someday" today!

Writers:  Did you have a moment when you decided writing was something you would pursue? Please share.

Readers:  These principles apply to many areas of life. When did you stop dabbling in an area and get serious about a project?

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Anonymous said...

So true that someday has to be today! I just listened to a broadcast which also made the point that you need to write that book and make it a priority to be a writer. I recently let go of my photo blog to free up time for writing but have had writers block since! But know that is lifting NOW!

quietspirit said...

I know people who are very busy and want to write. But I have learned it has to be a priority.When we went down to see our son the other week, I took my laptop but I had the wrong disk in the disk drive. But I did keep up with my reading.