Friday, November 29, 2019

Writing Dialogue/Real-Lie Intrusion/Infanticide/Prayer/Cupcakes

Tiny Feet 3

1.  Kathleen Neely posts at The Write Conversation on the Do's and Don'ts for Writing Dialogue. Newbies and seasoned writers alike can benefit from this post.

2.  Julia David urges, "Writers Beware. Your Real Life May Intrude on Your Creativity." See her post at Seriously Write.

3.  Virginia's governor made some outrageous comments in an interview regarding infanticide. It's no surprise he got his talking points from Planned Parenthood. Check out this article.

4.  Lori Hatcher shares a Writer's Prayer at The Write Conversation. Readers can relate by simply substituting whatever gifts God has given them.

5.  Christmas is right around the corner. Check out these cute cupcakes at Preppy Kitchen.

Writers:  What kind of difficulties do you experience when writing dialogue?

Readers:  What would you substitute for writing in The Writer's Prayer?

Photo Credit: Benjamin Earwicker

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