Friday, November 8, 2019

No Unsolicited Manuscripts/Writing Time/Student Forced/Inspiration/Panic Attacks

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1.  If newbie writers don't know how publishing works, they soon find out. Checking publishers' websites, they'll see, "no unsolicited manuscripts." Cindy Sproles, at The Write Conversation, takes on this subject and gives suggestions on how to break through this barrier.

2.  We hear so much about time management and how we can carve out enough to write. Lynn Blackburn, at The Write Conversation, urges us not to despise the writing time you do have. This article hit close to home for me. I'd be interested in what you think.

3.  Breaking Christian News reports on the possibility the Supreme Court may take on the case of a Christian student being forced to recite an Islamic conversion prayer.

4.  Do you ever wonder if your writing impacts others? Lucinda Seacrest McDowell shares how God showed her He wanted her to continue writing. Check out her post at The Write Conversation.

5.  Usually I reserve this spot for fun stuff. However, this week I'd like to share a post by Dr. Caroline Leaf on dealing with panic attacks. Dr. Leaf is a Christian and an expert on the human brain. Her posts are informative and practical.

Writers:  What kinds of discouraging thoughts plague your mind about your writing, and how do you deal with them?

Readers:  What book (other than the Bible) spoke to your heart about a personal situation? Please share.

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