Friday, November 15, 2019

Hugs/Write Boldly/Homeless/Legacy/Turkey Recipes

Sleep Tight 2

1.  Respected writing teacher, Margie Lawson, posts at Writers in the Storm about, "Fresh Writing Sells: Make Hugs Carry Power." A simple hug can turn into a powerful statement that grabs the reader. Please note this isn't a Christian website, but there are only minor things that might make you wince.

2.  Heather Webb posts at Writer Unboxed on, "Writing Boldly, Without Fear." Are you afraid to give your character flaws?

3.  WND reports on Kentucky's law that makes it illegal for a ministry to help the homeless.

4. Harry McLaughlin posted on The Write Conversation about what kind of legacy are we leaving. He's not only speaking to writers but everyone.

5.  Do you have a pressure cooker? With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought you might be interested in some turkey recipes. I found some on Pinterest and decided to share the website, Berry and Maple, with you.

Writers: Which writing link interested you the most?

Readers:  Do you ever check out the writing links? What information did you find surprising?

Photo Credit:  A Syed

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