Friday, November 22, 2019

Book Publishing Trends/Speaking/Illegal Seizure/Devo/Thanksgiving Decor


1.  Know how the book publishing market is trending can provide helpful information to authors (both fiction and non-fiction). Jane Friedman gives an extensive report.

2.  Cathy Fyock posts at The Write Conversation about how to generate more speaking engagements.

3.  WND reports on a major U.S. city facing claims from 35,000 people as a result of confiscating cars, land, and homes without reason.

4.  Rhonda Rhea's humorous devotionals always make me laugh. She recently posted at The Write Conversation, "Persona Non Au  Gratin." What does cheese have to do with it? Hop over there and see.

5.  CountryLiving's website has some cute ideas for Thanksgiving decorations.

Writers:  Do you have a speaking platform? If so, what are some of the ways you get additional gigs?

Readers:  Have your reading tastes changed over the past couple of years? What new genres have you explored?

Photo Credit:  Gabriella Fabbri

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quietspirit said...

Susan: At present, my speaking consists of taking a small Bible study-like to a local nursing home and lately leading a Bible study at a retirement community in our city. I enjoy both of these groups for different reasons. If that is where God wants me, that's fine with me.