Friday, September 28, 2018

Social Media/Writer Encouragement/Socialism/Devo/Declutter

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1. Social Media is a necessity for authors and Write Conversation writers, but how can you determine which ones work for you. Edie Melson, at  The Write Conversation, talks about "Finding Your Social Media Easy Button."

2. Not everyone will love your articles/books. Julie Glover, at Writers in the Storm, shares some facts and surprising reviews of well-known stories.

3. Many Americans are flirting with socialism these days. Yahoo News reports on socialism in Venezuela. It's not pretty.

4. Do you sometimes wonder if your words matter? Whether you're a professional writer or not, they do. Sarah Van Diest posts at The Write Conversation and urges us to go, write, and love.

5.  'Tis the season to declutter! Hip2Save and its readers have some great advice for curating your stuff. I particularly liked the suggestion to clear one room at a time. This way I don't feel like the entire house is a wreck.

Writers:  Have you found your social media, "easy button?" Please share.

Readers:  Which link was your favorite this week? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Does What I Do Matter?

letters 1 (YES)

Now there's a question many have asked themselves. Somehow it isn't enough to engage in an activity, whether it's writing or something else, unless it has a positive impact on the world around us.

Think about it:

1.  Medical students want to help people get well.
2.  Researchers want to find a cure for a deadly disease.
3.  Volunteers want to aid the less fortunate.
4.  Others want to stop human trafficking.
5.  And writers, ah, yes, writers want to raise awareness of social ills, share the Gospel, and a whole host of other topics.

Writing for publication can take a long time. Learning the craft, practicing, receiving critiques, finding out the intricacies of the business side, platform building, and other aspects can be daunting.

How many times have I asked:

"Why am I putting myself through this?"
"Is it worthwhile?"
"Are my words impacting lives?"

Then, I recall the day I asked the Lord if He truly wanted me on this path. I'd married and moved to another state. No matter what I did, I couldn't seem to connect with the Christian writing community in my area. Being a newbie, I had no idea how to proceed.

Within a half hour - A HALF HOUR - I received a call from a local writer inviting me to a writers group. It's not often that answers come that fast, and it made me sit up and take notice.

Throughout the years, I've seen the Lord level writing mountains. My part is to be faithful to the call, and let Him move in the hearts of readers.

Writers and Readers:  When preparation for a ministry or career seems endless, how do you stay motivated?

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Self-Publishing/Finish Writing/Vote/Devo/Fall Recipe

Coffee cup

1.  With so many authors self-publishing, I thought this piece by Jane Friedman might provide useful insights on what mistakes to avoid.

2.  Are you struggling with finishing your work in progress? Bryan Hutchinson, at Positive Writer, talks about, "How To Get Past Excuses and Finish Your Writing."

3. Breaking Christian News reported on Dr. James Dobson's urgent call for Christians to vote in the upcoming elections or face losses of freedom as seen in Canada.

4. Maria Morgan asks, "Are you distracted?" We're so accustomed to multi-tasking that we've forgotten how to focus on what's important.

5. With summer heat giving way to cooler temperatures, many of us are thinking about baking again. I found this recipe at Food Network for Apple Crisp, and thought you might like to try it. Happy eating!

Writers:  What did you take away from Jane Friedman's post on self-publishing mistakes to avoid?

Readers:  Does the desire to bake hit you when the weather is cool? Please share.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

On My Nightstand - A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

A Lady Unrivaled (Ladies of the Manor Book #3) by [White, Roseanna M.]

It's important to note this is the final book of the Ladies of the Manor trilogy. The Lost Heiress and The Reluctant Duchess will enrich your reading experience with A Lady Unrivaled.

The author kept the momentum going with A Lady Unrivaled. Lady Ella Myerston was by far my favorite heroine with her sweet disposition and optimistic viewpoint. Although she often trusted to a fault, she eventually gained wisdom in dealing with others.

Lord James Cayton was something of a cad, leaving two broken hearts behind him. He's changed his ways, but past friends and his own sense of guilt aren't making the transition easy. The best thing he can do is stay away from romance and keep from hurting another innocent woman.

The story is a keen reminder of how our past can affect the way we respond to current events. The strong spiritual thread in these books pointed the way to true transformation from the inside out.

The mystery of the Fire Eyes is a key component in this trilogy. The tensions and complications cause the characters to dig deep and reveals both their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, A Lady Unrivaled was my favorite of the trilogy.

Five stars for A Lady Unrivaled and the overall trilogy. I've started her latest series because I enjoyed these so much. Yes, I'm currently on a Roseanna M. White marathon. :) Her intriguing storylines always manage to hook me.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor the publisher paid me for a favorable review. All opinions, as always, are mine and mine alone.

Writers and Readers:  Does a strong Christian take-away influence your choice of fiction? Please share.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Batching/Writing Through Hard Times/China/Devo/Shopping

Tear Drop

1.  Cathy Baker posts at The Write Conversation about a time-management system called, "Batching," and how it inspires creativity.
2.  Kimberley Woodhouse posts at Seriously Write about how to write through life's hard times.

3.  Breaking Christian News reports that the church in China is living another chapter of the Book of Acts in spite of increasing pressure.

4.  Wendy Pope, at Crosscards, shares how her life became complete when she not only received Jesus but fully included Him into her happily-ever-after.

5.  Susan, at Writing Straight From The Heart, shares her shopping adventures while on vacation. What kinds of items do you buy when on holiday?

Writers:  How do you maintain your writing productivity during life's hard times?

Readers:  What are some of your favorite things to do while on vacation?

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Monday, September 10, 2018

On My Nightstand - The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna White


Lady Rowena Kinnaird wants to escape the clutches of her abusive father and equally abusive suitor. She's thinking about running away, but she knows they will come after her.

Brice, the Duke of Nottingham, and a devout Christian, visits his family's estate in Scotland. So far, he's dodged the efforts of society's mamas to snag him for their daughters. When circumstances throw him and Lady Rowena together, he's less than happy.

This is the second book in the Ladies of the Manor Series by Roseanna White. I strongly suggest you read, "The Lost Heiress," first. You can skip it, but you'll be missing a rather lovely chunk of this trilogy.

The author did a magnificent job with the historical details and the Edwardian time period. Like many historical romances, the story gives a picture of the social norms. It made me glad I live in this day and age.

That said, I enjoyed this riveting story of a woman trapped by awful circumstances and how she eventually comes to terms with them. Add in a delicious mystery, and you've got a real winner. I'm giving it five stars.

I'm reading the third book, "A Lady Unrivaled," right now. I'll be reviewing this book as well in an upcoming post.

P.S. Isn't this a gorgeous cover? It's my favorite of the series.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment from either the author or the publisher for a favorable review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. 

Writers:  This trilogy has a common thread running through it. Have you considered writing a series that keeps the reader wanting to find out what happened? Please share.

Readers:  Do you prefer stand-alone novels or series? A number of people said they were sorry to see my Moses Trilogy end as they'd become attached to the characters. What has been your experience with series books?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Too Old?/Platform Building/Girls/Devo/Autumn Activities

Autumn Colors

1. Someone said, "I'm too old to write." Kristi Holl debunks this myth in her blog post.

2. Zoe M. McCarthy asks, "Is all this writers platform building going to pay off?"

3.  Christian Headlines reports that Teen Vogue tells Girls, "Abortion Can Be Funny."

4. What do Sandal-Ready Feet and Walking in Faith have in common? Check out this devotional by Edie Melson, at The Write Conversation.

5.  Autumn is around the corner. TeacherVision lists some resources for seasonal activities. If you or someone you know homeschool or you just want some fun things for your kids or the grandkids, check out this site.

Writers:  When did you begin platform building and what types do you focus on?

Readers:  What are your favorite autumn activities and why?\

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day!

tech job 2

Labor Day is a two-fold celebration: 

1.  The end of summer.

2.  A day off from work.

It was made a Federal holiday in 1894, but was celebrated as early as 1882 in New York City. Canada also recognizes Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

Unlike other holidays, its only purpose is to honor the average working Joe and Jane for their contributions to the nation. I found this link at Office that gives the history in more detail.

So, to my many hard-working friends, whether you're a writer or in some other occupation, rest from your labors and have a Happy Labor Day.

Writers and Readers: How do you celebrate Labor Day? Please share.

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