Friday, February 10, 2017

Multiple POV/Writer's Block/Big Brother/Devo/Cabin Fever

1.  Jerry Jenkins gives 3 Tips for Featuring Multiple Main Characters in Your Story. Since all of my novels are written this way, the article held a special attraction.

2.  Dave King, at Writer Unboxed, gives some unusual insights into writer's block and its remedies.

3.  Google on Steriods. Does that sound ominous? It does to me. Check out this article on further breaches in our privacy by the Feds.

4.  Andy Lee posts at The Write Conversation about The Cost of The Call. Many think if God called them to a specific task everything should go forward without a hitch. When difficulties arise, they get discouraged. Check out this important article.

5.  When winter weather forces you to spend a lot of time indoors, the resulting cabin fever can be debilitating. gives 6 Frugal Ways to Beat Cabin Fever.

Writers:  Have you ever used multiple point-of-view characters? What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Readers:  Besides reading, what are some of the ways you deal with cabin fever?

Photo Credit: Nico Van Diem

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