Friday, February 24, 2017

Cliffhangers/Twitter/Planned Parenthood/Devo/Birthdays

1.  Cindy Sproles posts at The Write Conversation on tips for using cliffhangers in our books. While they're effective, they can give the reader ulcers if they're overused.

2.  I love Facebook, but I have to admit some social media platforms leave me cold. Twitter is a fine example. When I saw Edie Melson, at The Write Conversation, wrote a post about using Twitter, I thought perhaps it would help me understand it better. She gives the Twitter ABCs.

3.  Breaking Christian News reports a Senate Committee has referred Planned Parenthood to the FBI for criminal investigation. The issue is the selling of fetal body parts, which is against the law.

4.  Lynn Simpson shares her word for 2017 and the challenges she's experienced.

5.  Since my birthday was yesterday, I thought about celebrations and how to make them special. When Sweetie Mom turned 75 quite a few years ago, I threw her a, "This Is Your Life," party. I enlisted the help of family members, and we surprised her with people she hadn't seen in a while - her father, sister, brother and sister-in-law all showed up as part of the festivities. Friends from her church in another state were also invited.

I googled for information about parties and found this site. The event planner gives tips on making those milestone birthdays extra special.

Writers:  Do you incorporate cliffhangers in your writing? Please share.

Readers:  Are you on Twitter, and do you connect with authors there? What are your thoughts about that Social Media platform?

Photo Credit:  Robb Kiser

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