Monday, February 13, 2017

Making Adjustments

As the years go by, I've made adjustments in how I do things and how I think. My knees protest if I want to scrub my floor by hand. While knee pads I use in the garden help, most of the time I reach for a sponge mop. My brain tells me, "I'm going to clean the entire house today," but my body reminds me to pace myself.

I've always looked forward to the future, which isn't a bad thing. With a birthday approaching later this month, I've learned to appreciate the here and now. One of my favorite verses is, "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."

When people learn I'm an author, they'll often say they want to write a book someday. I wish I'd started writing at an earlier age. Learning the craft takes time and never stops. Perhaps it wouldn't seem like cramming for an exam if I'd begun studying sooner.

Maybe your priorities are on a family, ministry, and career at this point. Why not pick up some writing books, read blogs, attend a writers group to soak up the knowledge you'll need when you're ready to seek publication? Take 10 or 20 minutes to journal or write down ideas for a devotional, short story, or the novel you have brewing in your mind.

Life has a way of changing in a moment. I don't want to miss the opportunities the Lord gives me to make a difference in any area.

Writers:  What steps are you taking to move forward as a writer?

Readers:  How do you balance your immediate responsibilities with your goals for the future?

Photo Credit:  Marius Largu


Ruth Schiffmann said...

This is so true, Susan. There is no end to the learning. I am always reading books on craft, writing articles & blog posts, and lots of books in the genre I write.

My knees protest when I scrub floors too! I really should get a pair of knee pads.

I love that Bible verse too. I remember when our worship time at church used to start out with the song version each Sunday.

quietspirit said...

Susan: You have sage advice for those who want to write. It's always a pleasure to stop in here and read what your thoughts.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Ruth -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Reading is something I love, so that never seems like work. :)

Hi Quiet Spirit -

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad the posts are helpful.

God bless,