Friday, December 27, 2019

Collage Outlining/Three Persons/Pro-Life/Speaking Truth/Recipe


1.  Barbara O'Neal posts at Writer Unboxed about the collage method of outlining a book. My writer friends will tell you I'm a pantser not an outliner, but this intrigued me. I'm thinking of giving it a try. The idea is to get out of your logical, left brain mode and over into your more creative right brain mode.

2.  Eva Marie Everson posts at The Write Conversation about the three persons you are - in public, at home, and alone with God. Applying this principle to our writing can help us avoid one and two-dimensional characters.

3.  Faithwire reports on Pro-Life podcaster, Allie Stuckey, as she destroys pro-abortion arguments at House Committee meeting.

4.  Tammy Karasek, at The Write Conversation, talks about Speaking the Truth in Love.

5.  Yes, I know Christmas is over, but there are plenty of other holidays coming up. This recipe for Fully Loaded Holiday M&M Cookie Bars is super easy. It requires only one bowl and no mixer. Check it out at Averie Cooks.

Writers:  Have you ever tried making a collage of your story? Please share.

Readers:  Can you identify why a book captivates you or not? What makes it ring true for you?

Photo Credit: Franci Strumpfer

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