Monday, April 15, 2019

On My Kindle - A Bound Heart by Laura Frantz

A Bound Heart by [Frantz, Laura]

This story takes place in Scotland, Virginia, and Jamaica during pre-Revolutionary War times. The heroine, Lark, comes from a high-born Scottish line that's fallen on hard times. Our hero, Magnus MacLeish, grew up and was educated with Lark. Their friendship spanned many years, but their lives took different paths.

I'm not going to give even a little bit of a recap because I don't want to spoil this epic story of hardship, suffering, and great love. The author shared this was the story of her heart since her ancestors came from Scotland.

At first, I was put off by the long glossary of Scottish/Gaelic words, but it worked better than I could have imagined. By the end of the book, I was almost using them myself. :)

5 Stars for this bonny tale.

Writers:  Do you include words/expressions from other languages in your writing? How do you handle this so the reader isn't overwhelmed?

Readers:  How do you feel about a lot of foreign words in a story? Please share.

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