Friday, April 5, 2019

First Draft/Subtext/Great Awakening/Devo/African Violets

Dummy series

1.  Are you stressing out writing your first draft (either fiction or non-fiction)? Beth Vogt posts encouragement at The Write Conversation.

2.  Sarah (Sally) Hamer posts at The Write Conversation. She teaches online with Margie Lawson. In this post, Sally begins a series on writing subtext, that underlying layer in a story. Great stuff! There are links at the end of the post to Parts 2 and 3.

3. Breaking Christian News reports on Dutch Sheets' hope-filled article which originally appeared in Charisma News. There will be a third Great Awakening in our country, but what will the church do with it?

4.  Michael K. Reynolds asks, "Why Don't I Pray?"

5.  African Violets are so beautiful and come in a wide variety of colors. My mother nurtured them when I was growing up, and I guess it rubbed off on me. Getting the plants to bloom can be tricky. I found this website on Pinterest (A Garden For the House) and plan to use their tips. I thought some of you might like this as well.

Writers:  Which is harder for you - first draft or editing? Please share.

Readers:  Do you like raising houseplants? What are some of your favorites?

Photo Credit:  Niels Timmer

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