Monday, January 21, 2019

On My Kindle - A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden

Lucy Drake and her brother, Nick, fight a legal battle going back to their grandfather's time. Their Uncle Thomas uses every dirty trick in the book to make their lives miserable. Both of them wonder if pursuing the case is worth the hardship and financial drain.

Sir Colin Beckwith, Head of the New York Reuters news agency has his own troubles. His dilapidated estate back in England needs far more work than he can afford. Concerns for his sister and their 90 tenants propel him into a hunt for a rich, American heiress. Once he meets Lucy Drake, he has a hard time focusing on his plan.

This historical romance by Ms. Camden contained many interesting elements. The main characters' unusual careers, the political intrigue, the romance between an ordinary young woman and a titled British gentleman all produced a captivating story. The tension and the impossibility of their situation kept me turning pages to see how it would be resolved.

There were several things that pulled me out of the story. I couldn't figure out if one character was a good guy or a bad guy. This didn't appear to be the proverbial red herring. It seemed like the writer wasn't sure how to work him into the mix. I also came across a saying, which I think is more recent than the historical setting, and it was used more than once. The villains all seemed to be without any redeeming qualities, which produced pictures in my head of a fair maiden tied to railroad tracks and an evil man twirling a mustache.

Even with the negatives, I'm still giving this book four stars. The good far outweighed any shortcomings. I'll definitely look for more of Ms. Camden's books.

Disclaimer:  Neither the author nor the publisher paid me for a favorable review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

Writers:  When writing anything in a historical context, do you research whether or not a saying was used at that time? Please share.

Readers:  What type of situation jars your senses when reading a historical romance? Please share.

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