Monday, November 19, 2018

We Gather Together

Thanksgiving Dining Room Table

Growing up, I remember the public school plays we did to celebrate various holidays. For Thanksgiving, we dressed as Pilgrims and Indians and sang songs like, "We Gather Together."  The Word of God was honored and kids grew up knowing right from wrong.

My late husband went into the Navy during the Vietnam era. He recalled the teachers having a Bible on their desk, as well as prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance being a normal start to the day. Even though he wasn't a believer back then, he was shocked at how things had changed when he returned years later. The Bible and prayer had been kicked out of the public schools. He couldn't comprehend how Christians had allowed such a thing to happen.

Today, there's a ray of hope. The Sleeping Giant (believers in Jesus) is finally waking up. They're no longer silent in the public square and exercising their right to vote.

It's time to return to God - each individual and ultimately our nation. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Writers and Readers: Do you set aside part of your Thanksgiving celebration to express your gratitude to the Lord? Please share.

Photo Credit: David Sinofksy

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quietspirit said...

I try to personally give thanks to God every day. When Hubby and I eat supper, I always give thanks for the privilege of having our food in our home. Peace and blessings to you.