Monday, November 5, 2018

Kitchen and Blogging Adventures

Picture - Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Over the past year, I've taken on preparing the main dish for Sweetie Mom and me. It's not that I dislike cooking, but the kitchen isn't my natural habitat. Some of the things that present a challenge are:

1.  A less than functional kitchen. Small appliances are the name of the game around here, i.e., microwave, George Foreman Grill, toaster oven, electric frypan, and slow cooker. (I've got my eye on one of those Instapots.)

2.  Time. Cooking takes way too long in my opinion, and don't even get me started on the clean up.

3.  Special diets. Sweetie Mom needs low-fat, low-sodium food, while I need lactose free.

Thankfully, the internet provides an easy way to get recipes. I'm enjoying the journey these days. We've tried new foods (Roasted Red Pepper soup, coconut muffins to name a couple) and explored new stores for ingredients.

To deal with the time factor, I cook in bulk for the week. Neither of us mind leftovers, so it works for us. If your family doesn't like eating this way, setting aside one day a month to do a massive cooking can reduce your daily/weekly cooking tasks. 

Years ago when I was commuting two hours each way to work, I followed this plan. A big pot of sauce, a pot roast, chicken cutlets, and a couple of other meat dishes were cooked, put in separate containers, and frozen for weeknight meals.

Blogging is a lot like cooking. What am I going to write for tomorrow's post? Since the whole food thing is taking up a considerable amount of thought, why not use that as an analogy? Daily life is great fodder for the blogger.

Like so many life events, new responsibilities (and old ones) move me to pray. I've been sitting here in front of the computer, asking the Lord to give me ideas for this blog. This subject is one that popped up.

I've discovered my life goes a lot smoother when I stay in close touch with The Greatest Creative Genius of all, my Lord. Whether cooking, working, blogging, writing, etc., He's my constant source of inspiration.

With the holidays fast approaching, make time for Him, and He'll show you how to remain at peace and experience joy whether or not the tasks are easy for you. Dive in and give it all you've got, praising Him and loving your family.

Writers and Readers: What are some of your greatest stress points during the holidays? How do you cope with them?

Photo: Roasted Red Pepper Soup - Copyright@Susan J. Reinhardt

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quietspirit said...

I deal with a low energy level. Hubby seems to like to cook. So, I let him. We seem to like soup during the winter months. This Wednesday, he will make a big pot of vegetable soup. That is good for three nights meals. We purchase those baking potatoes that can go right into the microwave. I have baked potatoes often. He has gotten into eating them, also. We also have Chili with gluten-free macaroni on a regular basis. Last night, we had broiled chicken breasts and baked potatoes.

Over the years, our family size shrank. I don't have as many to Christmas shop for. I have already asked our son two different times what he wants for Christmas. I have to ask early because of when we get paid. He needs to tell me by Thanksgiving weekend.