Friday, January 26, 2018

Grow Your Speaking Bus./Surprise!/Study Retracted/Devo/Coloring Pages

1. Cathy Fyock, at The Write Conversation, talks about how writing blogs and articles can grow your speaking business.

2. For all of you who write/read the mystery genre, Dave King's article, at Writer Unboxed, gives some tips on using the element of surprise. Readers - you're getting the inside scoop on how it's done. 

3. Christian Headlines reports that an evolutionist retracted his key study on the origin of life. The results of an experiment were misinterpreted, and the original conclusions could not be duplicated. Check out this interesting article.

4.  Just before Christmas, Emme Gannon, at The Write Conversation, wrote a beautiful  piece about forgiveness. Even though Christmas 2017 is past, her words will still touch your heart.

5.  Whether you homeschool, babysit, or have grandkids over your house, they might enjoy these free winter coloring pages. There are so many wonderful resources on the Internet. Enjoy!

Writers:  Do you speak to churches, groups, etc.? What are you doing to grow your speaking platform?

Readers:  Do you read articles/books with a Christmas theme throughout the year? What is the great attraction? Please share your thoughts.

Photo Credit: Chris Johnson

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