Friday, December 22, 2017

Newbie Writers/Publishing?/"Chlot"/Memoir/Silent Night

1.  Multi-published author Jody Hedlund gives sage advice to the novice writer. Don't miss these nuggets.

2.  So, you think you can make this publishing thing happen if you work hard enough. Ashley Clark shares her experiences at The Writer's Alley. There's much wisdom here if you'll read with an open heart.

3.  Wendy Paine Miller has an excellent post on "chlot." What is, "chlot?" Pop over to her  blog and find out. Hint: It will help you write your novel.

4.  LOL! This Weekend Potpourri is shaping up to be for writers. Readers, I promise the last link will be something for you.

In the meantime, I discovered a post at The Write Conversation on How Personal  Little Stories Become Big Bestsellers. If you're into writing a memoir, this is for you.

5.  Silent Night is one of the classic Christmas Carols. Like many songs, this one has a story. Janice Hayden submitted this article.

Here's a beautiful arrangement by Pentatonix on YouTube:

Writers:  What do you think is more important to a novel: character or plot? Please explain.

Readers:  What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Photo Credit:  Michael Pohl

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quietspirit said...

Susan: Since I write devotions and Christian plays, I try to ensure that there is *always* a message. I think that equates to plot.