Friday, November 24, 2017

Anecdotes/Hiring Editor?/Founding Fathers/Devo/Christmas Decor

1.  Jerry Jenkins offers stellar advice on how to write an anecdote. Now that may not seem interesting, but non-fiction comes alive as we use stories to illustrate our points. Don't miss this great article.

2.  Jane Friedman talks about when you shouldn't hire an editor. With so many people asking questions about when it's appropriate/not appropriate, I thought it would be a useful link.

3.  Now, some people want to trash monuments of our Founding Fathers even though they died long before the South seceded from the Union.

4.  Kristen Hogrefe shares a wonderful devotional on the Hills and Valleys of the Writing Life. It could just as easily apply to any other endeavor.

5.  Even though Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Christmas Season, we've been seeing decorations in the stores since September. I found a great site with DIY ideas for Christmas decor. It covers both indoor and outdoor, games for kids, and lighting.

Writers:  Do you use anecdotes in your non-fiction writing? Please share.

Readers:  Do you add to your Christmas decorations each year or do you use family favorites? Please share some pictures if you can. :)

Photo Credit:  Andrew Beierle

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