Friday, June 30, 2017

Wordiness/Workout Writer/Adoption/Motivation/Summer Fun

1.  Is your writing plagued by wordiness? Zoe M. McCarthy gives concrete examples of how to correct this, but also shows times when it's appropriate.

2.  Katherine Magendie guest posts at Writer Unboxed about the Workout Writer:  Perceived Weakness. Warning: This is not a Christian site, and there is some mild language. However, the advice was so good that I decided to include the link here.

3.  I'm a big supporter of adoption. When I was younger, I considered single-parent adoption, but it wasn't as common or easy as it is today. When my husband and I married, we looked into adoption, but our combined ages ended our hopes.

Breaking Christian News shares the heartwarming story of seven siblings adopted from foster care by a Georgia couple. It brought a smile to my face, and I hope it blesses you as well.

4. Fellow-blogger, Dena Netherton, wrote a post on Slugs and Motivation. I'm pressing on. How about you?

5.  I came across this list of 50 Fun Summer Activities on Real Simple. Picking berries attracted me right away. I'll have to see if there are any berry farms in my neck of the woods.

Writers:  Do you allow your perceived writing weaknesses to stifle the creative flow? How do you overcome negative self-talk?

Readers:  What fun activities are you planning for the summer besides reading?  :)

Photo Credit:  William Stadler

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Lynn J Simpson said...

I'm pressing on too! Staying connected with others helps me stay motivated. I know sometimes I just think I need to hunker down and get working, but find I peter out if I haven't had some fill of connection with friends, family, or even just nature.