Monday, June 26, 2017

To Write or Not to Write - That's the Question

Need doesn't equal assignment.

It's something I'm learning daily as opportunities present themselves. If I'm to accomplish what God called me to do, what I take on must fit into the time available and have the green light from Him.

When people learn I'm an author, they'll sometimes ask me to write their stories or articles. Of course, they want this done free of charge. I'll either encourage them to write it themselves or steer them to people who freelance.

Writing a book requires an enormous effort:

1.  Research
2.  Meetings with the individual.
3.  Time
4.  Getting the person's voice on paper.
5.  Editing

While I may empathize with a person or situation or passionately believe in a cause, I rarely take on anything extra. Here are some considerations:

1.  I hold down a demanding, full-time position.
2.  My Mom needs more help as she gets older.
3.  I'm writing, promoting, and seeking publication of my latest book.
4.  Church involvement, including administration of their blog, takes a chunk of time.
5.  The daily chores of life must get done, i.e., laundry, shopping, cleaning. Somewhere in there, it's nice to get some sleep and leisure time.

Perhaps God wants you to take on an assignment. The peace of God will be in your heart, and you'll have the grace to see it through to completion. Otherwise, be honest and tell people you're not the right person for the job.

Writers:  How do you determine what projects to accept or reject?

Readers:  Have you given thought to the work that goes into that 350-page novel or non-fiction book? Please share your thoughts.

Photo Credit:  Channah


Karen Lange said...

It can be a balance for sure, deciding what to take on and what to refuse. I rely on prayer, God's wisdom, and wise counsel from family and friends to strike the correct balance. Have a great week! :)

quietspirit said...

Susan: You have posed some interesting thoughts here. We all have lives away from writing. Some of us more than others. God is the source of all we do, say, believe, and are. He will guide us through these tasks we have.

Jean Fischer said...

I work full time as a freelancer, so I pray and ask God to send me the assignments He wants me to have. I'm often approached by individuals who want me to edit their writing or to consult with them about how to get published. I politely decline. What I do make time for, though, is mentoring children and teens who want to write--and I always do that for free.