Monday, March 7, 2016

Bits and Pieces - Pulling It All Together

While I'm a Seat-of-the-Pants Writer, I'm always thinking ahead. The first book of The Moses Trilogy, The Moses Conspiracy, and my current work-in-progress were hard to write because:

1.  I didn't know my characters yet. They showed up, and the relationship had to develop. As they interacted with each other, I saw where the story could take a surprising turn or what conflict would ramp up the suspense.

2.  Subplots took on a life of their own and threatened to take over the main story. Integrating them so they made sense challenged my imagination and sent me to my prayer closet on a daily basis.

3.  Tantalizing ideas reminded me of going on a road trip. "Ooo, why don't we stop here and explore that historic mansion." I had to remain focused on where I wanted the story to end.

One of the things I learned through this process involved keeping an eye on each character. The seemingly insignificant cast member could be the star of my next book. Each one had a story to share, and it was up to me to ferret it out.

Yes, writing a novel can be all-consuming. Editing one...that's a story for another day.

Writers:  Whether you're a plotter or a SOTP writer like me, how do you keep track of your storylines and get them to fit together?

Readers:  Do you like series books? Do you get attached to the characters and want the stories to go on forever?

Photo Credit:  Bartek Ambrozik

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