Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On My Nightstand - Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke

Hannah Sterling's parents shielded her from family secrets. When her widowed mother dies, the mysteries haunt her to the point she cannot function. She discovers a letter and decides to pursue all leads in the hopes of eliminating their effects on her life.

Against her aunt's wishes, she travels to Germany. More questions surface and few answers until her tour guide, Carl Schmidt, reveals what he knows.

Cathy Gohlke once again crafts a book that keeps me thinking between reading opportunities. Her characters' dialogue and emotional responses to their situations are natural and seamless.

Very few authors achieve the level of writing I see in this book and her other novels. These are the types of books aspiring novelists need to absorb.

Whether you're a reader or a writer, Secrets She Kept will satisfy your thirst for a well-written story.  A scale of one to five is inadequate. This one is off the charts.

Disclaimer: The author and publisher did not request a review or provide a copy of this book. I purchased it, and all opinions expressed here are mine.

Writers:  Do you have a favorite author that makes you sit back and enjoy a story without the internal editor kicking in? Please share.

Readers:  Do you value book reviews or ignore them? Why?


quietspirit said...

Hi Susan: I find it difficult to keep the internal editor turned off. I am reading a book of Peter Marshall's sermons and prayers and found two errors on the same page. I don't intend to read a book looking for the uncaught typos. They just pop up. Blessings

Karen Lange said...

Cathy is one of my favorite authors. Looking forward to reading this story. Thanks for sharing your review!

Unknown said...

I edit everything in print. Lol But then, l also cook and "chef edit" everything l eat and every recipe l read.

Unknown said...

I edit ecerything in print, articles books even recipes. Also l love to cook; my mouth edits food as l eat too. Bahaha