Monday, November 28, 2011

Do You Really Want to Know?

Thanks to Susan Panzica, at Eternity Cafe, for the, "Tell Me About Yourself Award." I hope you'll pop over to see her and say, "Hi."

Here are the rules. I need to share 7 things about me, and then pass the award along to 5 other bloggers, who will do the same. No pressure! If you're swamped, we understand. :)

The challenge (courtesy of my buddy, Jen Levellie, at Audience of One) is to share the "messy" and not just the "cutesy" tidbits.

1.  I love to shop. Seriously. Since I also have a super-responsible streak, hunting for bargains scratches that itch.

2.  Up until my twenties, I was a nail biter. Twice I underwent minor surgery to drain an infection from one of my fingers. I'm happy to report, I've overcome in this area.

3.  The kitchen is not my natural habitat. Since my husband now resides in heaven (where I'm sure they must have many fine chefs), I can avoid cooking as much as my little heart desires.

4.  Waiting for people is a major test of my patience, especially if I don't know why they're late. I'm always early. If something delays me, I call and let the other person know what happened.

5.   I get overwhelmed if too much is dumped on me at once. Such an occurrence requires much prayer, list making, and prioritizing.

6.  Driving in an unfamiliar area makes me tense. If I have to go somewhere new, I'll sometimes do a "dry run." When I was interviewing for jobs, this reduced the stress on the day of my meeting.

7.  Routine is my friend. I get out of sorts when my schedule goes out the window. Flexibility. I must learn flexibility.

I'm passing this award on to:

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Check out these blogs and get to know their authors. :)


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Susan .. congratulations on the award .. thankfully I hate to shop, but I love cooking (and eating sadly!) .. typing stopped me biting my nails.

Good to know a little more .. have a good week - Hilary

Linda O'Connell said...

It sounds like you are very organized, Susan. I too, do trial runs :)

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I'm so not a shopper. I try. I try hard, but it's not in my blood.

You'd have hated driving thru NY with us yesterday. Parkway was shut down & we had to find alternate route. Sheer craziness!

~ Wendy

Karen Lange said...

Congratulations, Susan! It's good to learn more about you. And I will be sure and call you anytime I am running late. Okay, so I would have anyway...:)

Loree Huebner said...

Congrats, Susan!

I am not a shopper, but my kids are. They must get it from their father's side of the family.

Fun post.

Jaime Wright said...

Fun post! All these little tidbits made me smile :)

Marja Verschoor-Meijers said...

This is a fun post Susan, the award goes around :) Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Fun facts, Susan! I'm with you on the routine thing. My routine is my life support some days. :)

Rhonda Schrock said...

How interesting, Susan. I'll bet you're thankful that the job has settled into a routine now; much less stress, I'm sure.

Praying for wind at your back, friend.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Hilary -

Thanks. I've been typing forever, but it never stopped me from biting my nails. :)


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Linda - I try to be organized, but I'm not always successful. :)

Hi Wendy - There are some areas of NY (like Manhattan) where I refuse to drive. It's public transportation or nothing.

Hi Karen - LOL! Thank you.

Hi Loree - I should do a survey of writers about the shopping thing. Once again, I don't fit the traditional pattern.

Hi Jaime - I'm glad you found these little known bits interesting.

Hi Marja - I hope others will pick up on it. It's a fun way to get to know people.

Hi Sarah - Life support. I like that. :)

Hi Rhonda - Any time an adjustment is complete, I'm happy. The next one will involve a new computer.