Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On My Nightstand - Hidden Places by Lynn Austin

This Christy Award winning novel raises story questions from the get-go. Eliza Wyatt faces life as a widow with three youngsters. How will she handle Wyatt Orchards by herself? How will she pay off the mortgage? The depression era is in full swing. Even the orchard's fancy machinery won't bring in enough money. The odds against her are overwhelming.

Her husband's Aunt Betty and a filthy hobo become her unlikely support system. Jake shows his appreciation for a meal and shelter by helping her run the orchard. Yet, questions nag at her. Who is this stranger, and how did he learn the skills needed to run the farm?

Eliza's desire for family and home motivate her actions. Her past threatens to unravel the fabric of her life. Will she ever be able to trust anyone with her heart? Are Jake's motives pure or is he looking to take advantage of a woman in distress?

Through a series of difficulties, Eliza sees how God provides for every need. She learns to trust him rather than her own resourcefulness or those around her.

Lynn Austin's skillful storytelling had me glued to this book. The unusual plot, complex characters, and rich description blend into a satisfying story you won't want to miss.


Jessica Nelson said...

It sounds like a great romance too! I'm so mad at my library. They just don't carry all of these wonderful cba authors I hear about. And although I'd love to support them by buying their books, I have to stick to my budget.
I love your book reviews Susan. You do a great job at making me want to read the book. :-)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Jessica -

Most libraries don't carry cba books. Check out thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. Also, some Christian bookstores have a bargain section. I've picked up full-length novels for $4.00.

Thanks for the compliment on the book reviews. If I don't enjoy a book, I won't review it. It's like putting my stamp of approval on a product I don't personally use or like.

Susan :)

Carol said...

Thanks for your sweet comment at Writer Interrupted. I pray you draw close to our Father today and let Him draw close to you. Blessings, Carol

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Carol -

Welcome to my blog! I enjoy Writer Interrupted. There are always excellent articles.

I appreciate the visit and hope you'll come back soon. I post here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Susan :)