Friday, October 25, 2019

Co-Writing/Don't Quit/Coffee Shop/Courage/Birthday Freebies

Leap of faith

1.  Joshua Masters posts at The Write Conversation about co-writing with the Holy Spirit. If we consider ourselves Christian writers, we must get to know the One who has written and sold the greatest best seller of all time.

2.  Most of you know I've struggled writing each book. At the moment, I could easily walk away from writing (well, not THAT easily since ideas keep popping into my head). I found this post at The Write Conversation, which encouraged me. God never promised the writing journey would be a cakewalk. So, my friends, keep the faith.

3.  Faithwire reports that Pastor Bruce McLeod is opening a coffee shop staffed with special needs people. Don't miss this heartwarming story.

4.  How many need a dose of courage? Yeah, I could use some of that myself. Gail Johnson posts at Seriously Write about this subject. While she comes from a writing perspective, we can apply this to many situations.

5.  Birthday freebies! Check out Hip2Save's latest list here.

Writers and Readers:  How do you stick with projects that encounter multiple obstacles?

Photo Credit:  Dave Shields

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