Friday, September 27, 2019

Retain Learning/Terminology/Movies/Devo/Dessert Recipe


1. Margie Lawson posted at Writers in the Storm about using what you learn. She makes a good point about how reading blogs, etc. can teach and inspire us, but unless we use the information we won't retain it.

Having just come from the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, this gave me more than a twinge. I need to go over my notes and the handouts and then apply the lessons I learned to my writing.

2.  Publishing has its own terminology like any other industry. Zoe M. McCarthy defines some of these words and brings clarity to what publishers expect. Many of you are familiar with anthologies like the Cup of Soup series, but do you know what an Omnibus is?

3.  Like many of you, I've enjoyed faith-based movies like, "War Room," and "I Can Only Imagine." Faithwire highlights three movies for Fall. I missed the premier of Overcomer the weekend of August 23rd, but hope to catch it on video.

4.   Kevin Spencer posted on Christian Devotions about "Are We There Yet?"

5.  Chocolate! Most of us love it. I found this recipe for a 3-Ingredient Candy Bar that tastes like Mounds. Check it out at Points Kitchen. It's Weight Watcher friendly.

Writers:  When writing my first book, The Moses Conspiracy, I would go to a writers conference and soak up as much as I could. Then, I'd run home and immediately apply those lessons to my work in progress. How do you retain what you've learned online, from blogs, workshops, and conferences?

Readers:  What was your favorite faith-based movie? Please share.

Photo Credit:  Piotr Lewandowski

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